China Europe train

Zhengzhou Europe Railway

With Zhengzhou and Hamburg as the core, Zhengzhou Europe train has formed a multi-point gathering and distribution pattern along the way, and the midway loading and unloading has realized multi-point normalization, which has become a unique advantage in leading the load capacity and full load rate of all China Europe trains. Zhengzhou is the center of the territory. The radius of goods collection and distribution is more than 1500 km, covering 2000 km, covering three-quarters of the provinces in China, and radiating eastward to Japan, South Korea and other Asia Pacific regions through transit; Overseas, Hamburg is the hub, Paris, Milan, Prague, Warsaw, malashevich, bres, Moscow, Almaty, Zamyn uud and other places are the secondary collection and distribution centers, covering 121 cities in 24 countries in the European Union, Russia and Central Asia.

Hunan Europe Railway

Hunan Europe train starts from Xianing freight yard in Changsha, leaves through Alashankou, passes through Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and enters Europe through malashevic in Poland. The journey will take 18 days to Hamburg / Duisburg, Germany. The train operates normally once a week. Hunan Europe Express line has realized the stable operation of "four trips and one trip" every week from Changsha to Minsk and Hungary via the second company and Manzhouli.

Railway LCL

China Europe railway is one of the products that one of the "one belt, one road" policy of the Sanway Supply Chain, which is actively responding to the state's "one belt and one way" policy. After the close cooperation with the operators and the operation companies, the line products are selected after optimizing the line of trains according to the demand of cross-border market. The transportation time is one third of that by sea, and the transportation price is one fourth of that by air.


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